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[TowerTalk] Guyed "Crank-Up"/"Self-Supporting" Towers

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Guyed "Crank-Up"/"Self-Supporting" Towers
From: Jerry K <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 16:59:22 -0600
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I've been following this lively subject with interest, especially the 
alternate back-and-forth interchanging and confusing of the two (to me) 
completely different terms "crank-up" and "self-supporting". To me, a 
crank-up tower is just exactly that. Conversely, a self-supporting tower 
is one that is permanently stacked in sections and intended to be used 
without guys (although there might be some cases where guys are 
allowed), and cannot be "cranked".

At any rate, I saw several people mention they had never seen an example 
of a manufacturer recommending guys for either of these types of tower. 
I submit that at least Tri-Ex did, for at least the T-Series crank-ups.

I purchased a new Tri-Ex T-327K crank-up tower in Hawaii in 1969 (27' 
fully extended, 10' sections) from Honolulu Electronics. Guys were 
required. Tri-Ex sold these "T Series" towers in models/sizes from 18' 
to 88'. A copy of six pages of the 1971 Tri-Ex catalog which included my 
little 27-footer is here. 

Note that in the catalog/brochure is a photo of one of the larger 
T-Series towers installed, showing LOTS of guys. Sorry about the photo 
sizes, which will affect resolution--they are what they are, but maybe 
by clicking on the "All Sizes" button in Flickr (which will show the 
largest size available) you will be able to read them on your monitor.

73, Jerry W5KP

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