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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] trylon 72 foot tower
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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 11:22:45 -0700
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Getting slopers to work well is almost like finding True North.  Some have
great luck and others not so much.

The good thing about trying things whether they work or not is I usually
learn something in the process.

Mike W0MU 

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I think Tom may have an idea here.

One of the tech support fellows at TenTec told me that he had an AlphaDelta
DX-B sloper  (set to work on 160-80-40 meters) and it works real well if it
is mounted on a good sized tower, with
a nice tribander at the top as a capacity hat.   The Alpha Delta
technician told me adding some ground radials can help, also, depending on
how your tower loads up  (as on this type of sloper the tower and beam act
as the image return path).

I suspect the Alpha Delta DX-A would work even better as it is like an
inverted V with two elements - bigger can be better.

I now have one of the DX-B slopers and it plays just OK - but I don't
have a tower.   I have it mounted on a mere metal mast about 25
feet up, with about ten ground radials and no beam as a capacity hat - so I
really expect it would play well if it was mounted as designed.
(I am working on the tower, so eventually I will have it set up right...)
Given the way it works for me in my severely compromised setup, I suspect it
would work much better if it was installed against a tower as it should be.

Just my take...         ========  Richards  K8JHR =========

Tom Haavisto wrote:

>  What I ended up doing was putting up was two half-slopers for 80 (one 
> for CW and one for phone, and an inverted L for 160.
> Makes for a great DX combination :-)  Make sure you add radials to the 
> bottom of the tower - it won't play well without them.


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