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Re: [TowerTalk] Guy anchors in rock

To: Dino Darling <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Guy anchors in rock
From: Joe - WDØM <>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 16:37:32 -0700
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And that would be tower sits on an above ground concrete 
block that is on the surface of my lot.  Reason for that is just 6 
inches under the dirt is solid bedrock wherever you choose to dig on my 
5 acres.  I had to make an above ground base to hold the tower or do 
without.  It's survived 90 mph winds without a problem and been up for 5 

You "may" be able to modify my approach for your guy wires, although if 
the rocks you propose to use are as massive as you describe, it will 
"probably" be there forever......YMMV.

Click on Ham Radio, then Tower Project

Good luck!


Joe Hannigan - WDØM
Pagosa Springs, CO

Dino Darling wrote:
> Sure.  But there is always that level of UNKNOWN.  We have big 
> boulders rolling down the hills here in Southern CA all the time.
> At the very least, be willing to loose the tower system and if it 
> falls, make sure it doesn't hit anything important.  My GUESS, is it 
> would be good for the rest of your life, but that is only a guess.
> There is a guy in Colorado (can't remember the website) who had his 
> tower foundation mounted onto a big rock.  He had an engineer check 
> it out, bored holes into the rock and used epoxy to secure the 
> rebar.  As far as I know, its still vertical and working perfect.
> At 10:24 AM 11/10/2008, wrote:
>> Anyone ever use BIG rocks for guy anchors? I am erecting a 100' Rohn 
>> 55 tower on a mountain side and there are LARGE (the size of cars) 
>> rock outcroppings that are not cracked, not sandstone, dark 
>> gray/black rocks that are conveniently located.


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