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[TowerTalk] LB Cebik's New Book Published - Multi-Band Beam Design

Subject: [TowerTalk] LB Cebik's New Book Published - Multi-Band Beam Design
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 12:28:17 EST
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Steve    K7LXC
>  **** New book publication - LB Cebik W4RNL (SK)  ****


Announcing the release of a new book by LB Cebik,  W4RNL
entitled Some Basics of Multi-Band Beam Design.

Includes 52  example working antenna modeling  files.

In the words of the author, LB Cebik, a beam is any  directional 
antenna. In the broadest terms, then, a multi-band beam is any  antenna 
that is directional on more than one amateur band. (Of course, we  can 
make multi-band beams for other than amateur radio use, for example,  
for the old lower- and higher-frequency television broadcast 
channels.)  We shall pare down our subject by first limiting ourselves 
to horizontal  antennas, the type used in the upper HF and the VHF 
regions of the  spectrum.

The process of designing multi-band  beams has largely hidden beneath a 
veil of silence. Those who pursue this  work very often have a 
proprietary interest in the designs. Some with a  virtually intuitive 
knack for the process very often cannot clearly  articulate what they 
do so well. So most amateur literature simply passes  over the subject 
or presents a design without much theoretical commentary.  We, the 
outsiders who look in on multi-band beam design, view it as a  mystery, 
as a function of secret optimizing software, as esoteric knowledge  to 
which the average amateur is denied access.

This 247-page volume  simply presents what I have managed to learn 
about the process over the  years. I have certainly not learned 
everything-just enough to get started  and to realize the limits of 
what I know. -LB Cebik

For more details  about this new book, click  here:


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Thanks for your time  & hope to see you soon!

All the best,
Rosetta (Rosie)  Stone


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