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Re: [TowerTalk] wrapping a big grip on phillystran

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] wrapping a big grip on phillystran
From: Steve Maki <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 07:42:16 -0500
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IOW (and I THINK this is what Roger did) the Philly can be left long 
initially (past the Big Grip) and held with a Chicago grip, double cam 
lock, or whatever - even a knot, since you will be trimming the extra 
Philly away - for the purpose of pretensioning while the grips are 

Steve K8LX

Roger (K8RI) wrote:
> I'm going to answer this on the group as a number asked this question.
> I hope I get this straight. It 's easier to do than to describe 
> properly. <:-))
> I calculated and cut to length the guys needed plus a couple feet extra 
> on each one.  I  had planned on using an EHS tie to the anchor so if I 
> missed the length by a couple of feet I could correct the problem by 
> cutting the EHS to fit.  EHS lengths vary from about 10 to 14 feet. 
> (What ever was needed)
> I installed the Big Grip (TM) on the end that would go on the tower.  
> The excess on the other end was wound around an anchor such as a tree, 
> or was driven in the yard. Sometimes a thimble will help here even if it 
> has to be over size.  The end that went in the Big Grip was gripped by a 
> double "cam lock" like the kind used for gripping fence wire when 
> stretching it (only larger). I think it was only about $3 or $4 at the 
> local ACE hardware store.   I don't have any photos of the procedure.
> I hooked a "comealong" to the cam lock and put the guy under about 400# 
> tension. Then installed the Big Grip according to the instructions.  The 
> most difficult part was finding, or creating two anchor points the 
> correct distance apart although I did have a 20' Comealong as well as a 
> 20' log chain which gave me 40 feet of leeway. This was the point where 
> I discovered all that steel in my welding bench may weight half a ton, 
> but 400# or tension easily skids it across the floor. <:-))
> When winding a Big Grip became a problem I used a BIG screwdriver as a 
> lever to easily get the wrap to conform. (One turn at a time...per 
> side). Some times at the very end it was one wire at a time.
> Yes, they work very much like the "Chinese Handcuffs". The pretension 
> when wrapping gives a better grip. I've never had one come loose, but 
> they are not normally reusable. If one has to be redone within about a 
> week it can be done once.  The instructions give the specifics on that 
> and I don't remember. My copy is out in the shop, but they are available 
> on line.

> Steve Litwins wrote:
>> Roger;
>> How did u manage to secure the end of the Philly u were working on?  
>> The other end?  Or is that a moot point if u can wrap two turns and 
>> then use the thimble?...73/dx
>> steve, k8wk

>>> W3YY wrote:
>>>> Steve -
>>>> You can see step-by-step pictures on my web site  The 
>>>> pictures
>>>> are contained in the Projects section under Phillystran.  The direct 
>>>> URL is
>>>>  That will be the first
>>>> picture.  Click "Next Step" to see the next picture, etc.
>>> You missed one very important part as recommended by the company: The
>>> cable should be under tension when the grip is installed.  I was able to
>>> use a comealong to pull the guy tight and then wrap the end.  Of course
>>> while figuring out how to do this I managed to slide my welding bench
>>> half way out the shop door.


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