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[TowerTalk] wrapping a big grip on phillystran

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Subject: [TowerTalk] wrapping a big grip on phillystran
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Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 10:53:13 -0500
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Regarding grips & Phillystran -- 

Just completed an installation here with 55N & Phillystran .. I "chickened out" 
and used a professional tower crew, as they could do in two days what would 
take me months to accomplish ... couple items I learned while watching -- 

Be sure the end caps are installed & taped with Scotch 33 or 700 before the 
grips are wrapped   --- the installers showed me pictures of a broadcast tower 
where at over 1k feet the Phillystran almost completely failed probably due to 
water seeping into the stran & a lightning strike .. no way to know for sure, 
but the "blowout" was pretty impressive in the pictures -- speaks well for the 
product to still hold together -- and the removal & replacement was not an easy 
job as that was some hefty stuff and required the installation of the corona 
head with epoxy .. 

As mentioned in this thread, they also showed me it does help to have little 
tension on the Philly while wrapping --

Also use a wire "wrap" at the end of the grip to prevent ice from loosing the 
grip ... they used about 5 turns (about 6 inches) of #14 insulated copper wire 
and then twisted tight to chinch at the joint ... I was told "ty-wraps" may 
work fine, but in their experience some black ty-wraps may not be totally UV 
proof & may crack & break within a year or two -- not to bash the country of 
origin, but ty-wraps of question were made in China & sold in discount stores 
--- hence, the use of the twisted wire because if the wraps do not came not in 
a bag, you don't know how good or bad they might be  -- the crew said ice will 
slide down the Philly and is possible in a couple of hours to almost open the 
grip end ... same process applies to regular EHS or "stran" as they called it 
.. again pictures of another broadcast tower with a loose guy, the busted 
ty-wraps, and ice on the ground convinced me plastic wraps may not be the way 
to go .. 

The only comment from the crew was, they had never worked any Philly as small 
as what I was installing as most of their work with Phillystan is within the 
broadcast industry and much larger .. made me feel "Philly challenged" ... :- 

Cheers de Vic //



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