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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Telrex beams
From: jim Jarvis <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 08:15:16 -0500
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W6TR said it quite nicely.

Back in the day, when Mike Ercolino founded Telrex, yagis were built  
by formula,
by guess, and by golly.    His principal market was the military,  
with K2USA at Fort
Monmouth being his 'test platform'.     I was a young nipper at the  
time, just getting
involved in ham radio, and a member of the K2USA ham club, ca 1958-59.

The Telrex yagi 'reputation' is an historical artifact.    The  
published data is all suspect,
as we didn't have computer modelling then, nor did Mike have a real  
antenna range to
take data on.

Physically, the design is not optimized for ease of manufacture.    
It's heavy.
If you were to find the yagis you're looking for, they would most  
likely be weathered by now,
and a cleanup job.

And if they weren't weathered... if they were of a more recent  
vintage,  nobody quite knows
what Ercolino's son (also Mike) might have done to improve margins,  
as the company's
flag was lowered, slowly, over the last few years of its operation.


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