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[TowerTalk] Grounding thru a bulkhead???

Subject: [TowerTalk] Grounding thru a bulkhead???
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 20:48:44 -0600
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to the Towertalk reflector...

I have a Georgia Copper bar for a single point ground behind my gear 
using flexweave between each unit and the bar.

the bulkhead is the MFJ wooden board product with a short piece of 
metal plate on both indoor/outdoor sides connected with barrel 
connectors, etc. those ground both sides to each other.

I have drilled a couple of holes away from the plate to pull my 240V 
thru the bulkhead from an outside service panel to provide juice for 
the amps.  The 120VAC also comes thru the bulkhead from that same 
service panel to supply the radios, etc.  grounds for the service 
outlets go to the ground bar also.  mixing DC and RF grounds. hmmmm

question.  how do I connect that inside ground bar thru the bulkhead 
to the ring of 8' ground rods outside my window???

I plan to use 1.5" wide copper strap from the bulkhead-outside to the 
ground rods and to tie the ground rods together.  but I cannot figure 
out how to get from the copper single point ground bar THRU the 
bulkhead to that outside copper grounding strap.

do I drill a hole thru the wood and coil up some strap and push that 
thru the hole?   do not know how to physically connect the two sides 
both mechanically and electrically.

The bulkhead DOES have a screw with insulators which goes thru the 
bulkhead much like the two screws for the ladder line.  but it is for 
a single long line.  could I use that?


chas k5dam

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