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Re: [TowerTalk] Push Up Mast Guying and loading

To: "Gene Smar" <>,
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Push Up Mast Guying and loading
From: "Dave Tipton" <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 09:00:35 -0600
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Gene, interesting idea... So in essance, using the two dipoles that
are strung as guys themeselves.  It kinda makes sense when you think
about it.. They are between two fixed points and they are able to bare
some load.

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 8:53 AM, Gene Smar <> wrote:
> Dave:
>      Can you install TWO angle irons and guy sets at 120 and 240 degrees
> from the dipoles to back guy each mast?  This would give you a bit more
> stability to keep the mast tip from whipping back and forth in a wind.  It
> would also give a bit more support than a single guy set on each pole.  That
> coax cable will put an awful load onto the tips of the masts and one guy set
> will not keep the mast tip from buckling to the side when the wind blows and
> the dipoles pull the mast tip out of the plane of the guy wires.
> 73 de
> Gene Smar  AD3F
> P.S.  I'd put in a second pulley, on the other mast - you will regret not
> doing so when you want to install a third dipole, etc.
> Nov 18, 2008 09:34:58 AM, wrote:
> Over the weekend, I took a post hole digger and dug down 2 1/2 feet,
> put about 6 inches of gravel in it and dropped in a 2 foot long piece
> of 3 inch schedule 40 and filled the hole around it with quickcrete.
> I did this twice. It took less than an hour for both. (The ground
> in Texas is nice and moist right now, making it an ideal time to dig.)
> My plan is to drop push up masts into these holes. Now to my
> question... My plan, is to suspend 2 multiband (Has individual wires
> for each band) dipole between the two masts at about 40 and 10 feet.
> There is no center support for the coax, so it will have to absorb
> that weight too. I have no worries about the one at 10 feet. But the
> one at the top of this thing concerns me. It's not that it's a LOT of
> weight, but masts by definition tend to use flimsy top sections, which
> is why I'm only going to 40, and not the 50 feet that they are. (I'm
> going to remove, or "Bury" the very top section into the next section
> for additional strength.
> I can go about 10 feet out in 3 directions and no more. I plan to run
> a piece of angle iron 3 feet into the ground at a 45 to hold 2 sets of
> guys. Is 2 sets of guys going to be sufficient for this light duty
> application? I don't plan to put any more load on it, and nothing on
> the top other than a pully to raise and lower the top antenna on one
> side..
> Dave, W5DMT
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