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[TowerTalk] Beams , Prop Pitch For Sale

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Beams , Prop Pitch For Sale
From: "Bob Maser" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 01:42:29 -0000
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I have decided to go in a different direction so the following are for sale:

KLM Big Stick 20M. 6 elements on a 57' boom $500

KLM Big Stick 15M   6 elements on a 36' boom $500

Hygain 205BA  5 elements on a 34' Boom $300

The 2 KLM beams were only in the air for 2-3 years in AZ(not by me) . They 
are in very good condition and complete.  The HyGain 205BA is also in very 
good condition.  The KLM's have been in storage for 15 years and the HyGain 
for 5 years.  Because of their size, they are pick up only in central FL.

Since I am planning on putting up a 4 element SteppIR, I do not need the 2 
prop pitch motors that I have..  Both are small PP's and have been gone over 
and re-lubricated.  They do NOT have the speed up mod. I have installed a 
turn counter magnetic assy in one of them to mate with the Green Heron 
control unit specifically designed for PP's.  The Green Heron box is new, 
only connected up on the bench to check it and the PP's out. I want to sell 
both PP's and the GH control unit as a package.  As a bonus, I will throw in 
a spare PP gear box which is good for parts only since it does have the 
speed up mod done to it(not by me!!!) $1500

Thanks for reading,
Bob W6TR in FL 


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