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Cross-Posted from CQ Contest Reflector:

Fellow Contesters,

Long time ham and contester, Frank KL7FH, became a silent key around 12:30PM
November 17th.

He was at the KL7DX QTH in Willow, AK for the weekend, getting things ready
for CQWW CW.

He suffered a massive aneurysm that put him into a coma, and never

A ham since he was 14, he held the calls KL7HNU, NL7HP, and KL7FH.  He
really enjoyed DXing, EME, and most of all, contesting.  He loved building
antennas, and like all of us, enjoyed being loud!  He was a close friend of
Dan, KL7Y(SK) and operated at his M/M's for several years.  Recently he
purchased land in Willow, AK and began construction of his own contest
station.  The two 125 foot towers were completed this summer, with the help
of many local hams.  They had just gotten the 3 high tribander stack on the
first tower in the air.  Plans were to be competitive in the M/2 class, and
full on SO2R.  He already had a 3 element 40m beam ready to be put on the
2nd tower next summer.  The grand plan was "something big!" on 80 and 160.
In the early 90's he used to run the ARRL RTTY Roundup from home in
Anchorage M/S.  He was very proud of the efforts from a small station on a
city lot.

He had always talked about going to Dayton and meeting everyone he has
worked 1000 times.  In 2005 and again in 2006 or 2007 he was finally able to
go.  Those trips to Dayton were something he talked about frequently.  He
loved hanging out with the guys he "knew" but had never seen face to face.
Swapping contest stories, technical stuff, or just plain hanging out, were
memories he cherished.  As we all know, contesters are a special breed, and
he loved the camaraderie and competition.

The whole family has ties to ham radio.  I can't remember his grandfathers
call, it was a 2xx call from New Jersey.  We even have his old logbooks
somewhere still, very cool.  His father is now KE7MP (ex KL7HHX), and always
teases us for ruining the bands on those damn contest weekends!  His brother
is NL7XO, and ham radio really was great when he was overseas in the Navy.
We could keep in touch with him on the ship anywhere in the world.  Of
course email these days makes that task a lot less complicated.

I grew up with ham radio my whole life, and was never pressured into
becoming a ham.  He said if I ever wanted to learn more about it, to just
let him know.  I was definitely intrigued!  At the time he was doing
satellite stuff quite regularly.  He put me on I believe Oscar 13? and I had
the proverbial Pileup From Hell.  I was hooked after that, and he elmered me
through the years.  When he traveled for work, we would QSO on CW in the 40m
novice band to get my code speed up.  He taught me how to remember what was
being said instead of writing it down.  That way I could get my speed up and
get my extra someday.  He was a patient elmer, and always positive.  I had
10000 questions and he answered all of them.  We would build things together
and operate together.  Later on he would make a point to work me in every
contest that I traveled around for.  It was always great to work "the OM"
from stations around the country.

He really liked multi-op contesting, and especially operating with his wife
Corliss, AL1G. Nothing like a husband and wife team to really tear it up!

He really loved ham radio, and the fact that he could go anywhere in the
world, and be able to have a beer with someone he already knew.

His enthusiasm for excellence was contagious, and the world lost a good op
and father.

RIP OM, I hope you get a good band assignment on the big M/M in the sky.

-Chris KL9A

Allen Brier N5XZ / KL5DX
713-705-4801 (Cell)

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