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[TowerTalk] Elevated Radial Question for 160-m

Subject: [TowerTalk] Elevated Radial Question for 160-m
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 00:47:12 EST
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Hi Guys,

I'm putting up an Inverted L on a 88' tower.  I'll have 85' vertical and 50' 
horizontal with a 25 ohm Unun at the feedpoint.

1) What is typically the best distance to space the vertical wire from the 
tower on 160-m?  

2) If I use elevated radials they will need to be 15' above ground at the 
tower in order to clear the roof of my house.  Would there be any problem with 
running the coax feedline from ground level through the middle of the tower and 
connecting the center conductor to the vertical wire 15' above ground and the 
shield to the elevated radials at the same height?

3) I only have room for 2 quarter-wave radials.  Does anyone know how many dB 
2 elevated radials will be down from 4 elevated radials?

Thanks & 73,

Dick- K9OM   

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