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Re: [TowerTalk] Lanyard hookup to tower

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lanyard hookup to tower
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 12:04:03 -0800 (PST)
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It's not always possible, but I can't stress how
helpful it has been to have experienced mentors
or to have worked (ground crew or in the air) with
experienced Hams before embarking on my own projects.

Even with 20 years now on various towers, I still learn
something new each time I work with one and there are
things we did back then I would never consider now
(Not saying those things are happening.) You can still
get injured or die on a 30' tower. Be safe, ,ake sure you
are using the right tools, and if you can, find someone
to share the job with.

take care
dink, n7wa

>  This is a most interesting thread.
> I am following it closely since I am using a full body harness for the
> first time and figuring it out along the way.
> I am attempting to work on my 30 foot Rohn 25 Tower in order to 'stab my
> rotor' for my 3 element Hornet Tribander.
> I have tried unsuccessfully three times (so far) to do so.
> 1) Rope not tied to antenna correctly (antenna wobbled around too much)
> 2) Gin Pole not long enough to stab antenna into the top section (mine has
> the  tapered top) as I didn't account for length of the
> center piece at the top)
> 3)  Attached a longer pole to the shorter one to make it longer but the
> wind picked up too much before I got finished and back up
> the tower.
> One thing I would like to say it that it is very difficult to estimate how
> many times I should wrap the large rope around the
> opposite leg of the tower from where I am in order to sit into the harness
> for using both hands. Also when sitting into the harness
> I can not figure out how to well manage the long pole while in the air.
> In order to use both hands and stand on top to stab the short mast into
> the top is going to be a trick also.
> Is there a certain number of turns to make it hook back onto the harness
> hook on the other side while on the side of the tower and
> how do you strap it to the top once you are ready to stab the mast into
> the top.
> Bob AD5VJ
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>> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lanyard hookup to tower
>> " Lanyards " as in positioning lanyards ?  or  what I assume
>> you mean fall arrest safety lanyards ?
>> The Fall arrest safety lanyard hopefully has a safety hook
>> with a minimum throat opening of 2 1/2 in. The will fit main
>> virtual tubes from Rohn 25G  is 5/16 DI  Z  brace rod  !!! 45
>> & 55 are 7/16 , better but still iffy  65G is 5/8 better and
>> IMHO would not fail with the 200 lb @ 6 ft shock force but I
>> still use the side rail :)
>> IMHO the Z rung is not a place to attach your  life line, BTW
>>  not a place to secure you positioning lanyard . My. 02 I am
>> sure that someone from out fraternity has there slide rule
>> out and can  explain the moments generated  and the shear
>> properties of the rod OD
>> Wayne > From:> To:
>>> Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 00:05:33
>> -0500> Subject: [TowerTalk] Lanyard hookup to tower> > I have
>> an additional question:> Is it ok to be clamping the lanyards
>> onto the Z bars of Rohn 25G?> > My lanyards hooks won't fit
>> around the tower legs. Even so it would still be> relying on
>> those welds.> Are the welds really strong enough individually
>> to withstand the shock of a> 200lb. person falling up to 6
>> feet with shock absorbing lanyards?> > > KB3X> > >
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