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Subject: [TowerTalk] Installing guy wires
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Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 22:41:01 -0500
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I have got my 65-foot, Rohn 25g tower built up to the 30' level  --
uninjured and not dead thanks to this forum.  Many of you have been very
helpful.  Thank you.

It's time to install the first set of guy wires.
Could anyone offer me advice as to the procedure?

I was thinking that I would install the guy mounting bracket first and then
raise a guy wire, which would already be assembled with several insulators
breaking it into non-resonant lengths, and attach it to the first corner of
the tower.  

I would then connect it to the earth anchor and equalizer plate.  The idea
is to cut off the correct amount of wire from the coil.  I would then hand
tighten it a little with the turnbuckle.  I would adjust all of the guys'
tensions after they all are connected, getting tighter and tighter, walking
in a circular pattern to keep the force even on the tower and working up to
400 lb. tension as indicated by the Loo's Tension gauge.

Question:  How do I hold tension on the cable while I install the turnbuckle
and cable clamps?  Do I just allow the turnbuckle to do all of the
tensioning and only pull the cable hand snug into it?

Am I missing anything?  Will my thimbles fall out while wrangling the cable?
How do I uncoil the cable and get it to be straight again?



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