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Re: [TowerTalk] Was "43ft Vertical Feeding

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Was "43ft Vertical Feeding
From: Richards <>
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 02:20:24 -0500
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Easy for you to say...  Some of us have the spirit, but lack the know how.
And yet we are trying to be good ham operators all the while.

I am up to building dipoles,  installing my new vertical,  soldering coax
and audio cable connectors,  maybe doing some kits with  good
instructions.   I was extremely proud and thrilled when my amp
kit was dubbed best tested at FDIM, the QRP Conference, at Dayton
this year, and I won a multi meter for my efforts...but that defines my
current my level of expertise.

So please do not be too critical of us new guys who have not
been sufficiently schooled in electronics just yet.

But I like it when you say it's all so easy.   Because it is encouraging.
And when you say YOU can do it.  Because it is cool just thinking
SOMEONE can do it.   There IS a certain amount of frontier adventure
in that.   You know it, and you enjoy it personally because YOU can
do it.  But some of us are relegated to enjoy the vicarious thrill of
living through your projects because we do other stuff and have not
learned all that "easy" electronics jazz.

Now... let's see...   Hmmm..    I  just need to find me a suitable Elmer
with enough time on his hands who can look over my shoulder as I
try all that you describe.   Maybe he can walk me through it...
Are you anywhere near the where I live ?? ....


Happy trails!

====================== K8JHR  =================

Dennis OConnor wrote:

> I am dismayed by the lack of the old ham spirit that I see in todays 
> operators...


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