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From: Tom Anderson <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 08:41:43 -0800 (PST)
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In a related matter, if you have to use the "dacron rope", etc. supplied with 
many triband beams, such as the Mosley Classic 33 WARC with the TA40KR 40 meter 
add-on kit, I used Phillistran HPTG2100 rather than the Dacron rope as supplied 
with the TA40KR when I had the Mosley.

For one it makes a nicer and more professional looking installation than the 
supplied black Dacron rope and two, to me it was a stronger installation.  The 
Dacron rope/Phillistran is used to 1. support the added weight of the TA40KR 
kit on the driven element and 2. keep the driven element in parallel with the 
other elements from whipping side to side in a high wind.

When I took the Mosley apart and sold it probably 10+ years later and replaced 
it with a Tennadyne T10 log periodic, the Phillistran looked almost like new.  
The Mosley Classic 33 WARC with the TA40KR kit was a good antenna, but I'm glad 
I bought the Tennadyne T10 log periodic since the Tennadyne was completely flat 
SWR-wise from the first day I installed it, unlike the Mosley which 
periodically showed an unusual SWR curve.  The Tennadyne is SWR flat as an 
expensive piece of 2x4 premium lumber.

Also, I found Tennadyne's customer service much more user friendly than 
Mosley's.  Chuch KA1PM, the original owner, and current owner Roger, WB8NDC, 
were quick to respond to any questions or problems I had.  No I don't work for 
and am not compensated by Tennadyne in any way.

The only thing I miss is the 40m rotatable dipole of the Classic 33WARC, but 
the Tennadyne T-10 has more than made up for the missing 40m by increased 
performance on 10-20m. I have a Tri-Ex W51 crank up tower so the T10 is as 
large an antenna as I can install on the tower since its right at the 
recommended max size antenna sq. footage.

73 de Tom, WW5L 


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