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[TowerTalk] LM-470 at 100 MPH

Subject: [TowerTalk] LM-470 at 100 MPH
From: "Bob Selbrede, K6ZZ" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 17:32:55 -0800
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Has anyone had the Triex LM-470 professionally evaluated for
antenna load capacity in a 100 MPH Basic Wind Speed zone? 
Turns out our local building code will be changing on 1 Jan
09 to require new structures to meet the 100 MPH
requirement.  I suspect most free standing crankup towers,
fully extended, may not handle these wind conditions
unloaded let alone with a good size tribander on them.  How
does an 85 MPH 3 second gust rating of 18 Sq Ft look at 100
MPH?  I would estimate around 4 Sq Ft.

73, Bob K6ZZ


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