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[TowerTalk] Anchoring of guy wires

Subject: [TowerTalk] Anchoring of guy wires
From: Larry Keeran <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 09:15:41 +0100
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Hello Kjeld,

My Sigma 80 held up with 5/16 inch Dacron UV-resistant rope in 75 MPH
winds this past two weeks here in France, on a 70 meter cliff
overlooking the Gironde estuary.  The rope is rated at 1260# breaking
strength.  Part number 818 from

The ends are anchored into stone walls, at right angles of the force,
and are steel 1/2 inch bolts with eyelets. I did use stainless steel
thimbles at the abrasion points.

The tempest we had four weeks ago did have higher winds. There were a
considerable number of trees uprooted South of me.  I don't have any
verification of the exact velocity and have to rely on reported wind

I hope this helps.


Larry F/K9ORP

Kield said:

My local authorities are requesting calculations for the anchoring of my guy
wires for my Sigma 80 from Force 12

If you have any vertical antenna using guy wires how did you suspend the guy
wires? Did you tie them to trees, your house or some kind of anchoring in
the ground? And how did you "make sure" that the anchoring was strong enough
not to be pulled out of the ground?

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