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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] mast material
From: "Dave Johnson" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2009 21:43:28 -0500
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Hey Rick,
Thanks for your post but may I beg to differ.  We are talking about aluminum 
pipe and aluminum tube.  Here are the facts.  2" aluminum schedule 40 pipe 
is 2.375" OD and 2.067" ID.  2" aluminum tube is 2.000" OD and the ID 
depends on the wall thickness.  BTW, the wall thickness of 2" schedule 40 
pipe is .154" and it weighs 1.264 pounds per foot.  2" schedule 80 pipe is 
also 2.375" OD and 1.939" ID.  Its wall thickness is .218".  It weighs 1.737 
pounds per foot.

The reason for my post to Tony was in hopes that he would not buy a length 
of 2" pipe with an OD that would be .375" larger than the bearing in the top 
section of his tower and thus would not fit.  Just trying to be helpful.


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> Dave Johnson wrote:
>> Tony, I know this has been said before but be sure you get 2" tubing not
>> 2"
>> pipe.  Tubing is measured in outside diameter and pipe is in inside
>> diameter.  Also, be sure it is 6061-T6 alloy.  Some other grades of
> No, pipe is not measured by inside diameter.  Pipe is also measured in
> outside diameter.  However, the pipe comes in a nominal "iron pipe size"
> that corresponds to a specific outside diameter that is different from the
> nominal size.  For example, 2 inch iron pipe size has an outside
> diameter of 2 3/8 inch.  The inside diameter varies depending on
> which schedule is used, but never equals 2 inches.
> Rick N6RK


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