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[TowerTalk] Glen Martin 1850 questions

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Glen Martin 1850 questions
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Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 21:50:27 -0500
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I am likely about to inherit a Glen Martin 1850 with its model H6 hazer.  The 
antenna on it now is a Mosley TA-53M, which is not what will remain there.

My backyard is about 70 x 90, maybe 70 x 100, so that is what I have to work 

Couple-three questions:

1. Would star-guying (one set of guys at the top) noticeably increase the 
safety margin of the tower?  It is rated at 16 square feet of load at the 87mph 
gust, etc., and while I'm not dead in tornado alley, Springfield, MO can have 
its share of winds.  OK, we've had about three tornadoes in town this year, but 
ours are generally EF1.  My long-term hope would be a 3 element Steppir and the 
Force 12 40/30 yagi (4 elements total on 20' boom).  That puts me about 13.3 
square feet, plus rotator, mast.

2. Second, are any of you using this tower configured at 60', with a second set 
of guys that are easily detached/reattached on the tower, or some similar 
arrangement to allow the use of the Hazer and a second set of guys?

3. Elevated guys: 10' of 4" diameter pipe, 1/8" wall, filled with cement and 
with flat plate on the bottom, 4' in the ground (concrete/rebar)?  Reasonable 
for elevating the guy-wires?

Thanks in advance,
Art, K0RO

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