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It entirely depends on how well the house bracket is installed.  If a good 
job was done, you would have no problem.  I have installed several TH6DXX 
antennas on Rohn 25 at 30 feet above a house bracket that I installed 
properly and they never had a problem even in wind gusts up to 80 MPH.
Dave - K4SSU

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          If there is a tower installation specialist (and/or engineer) in
the house, I'd appreciate a call. I have a Rohn 25 tower up 50 feet, not
guyed but a house bracket at 23 feet. Three feet of the tower are buried in 
cubic yard of concrete down two feet from ground level.
      I have a Telex TH 6 (weight 75 lbs.) and three other antennas I
will discard next week. Problem. I want to keep my TH-6 but my climber says
he is troubled by so much weight on a non-guyed tower which is 30 years old.
Is worried about tower fatigue. He wants me to replace the Telex with a
smaller, less weight, Mosley.
          Sooooooooooooooo is my tower guy's worries about weight legit or
can I keep my TH-6 when I do my tower work in two weeks? Call please.

Joseph Phillips, K8QOE
Ohio Section Manager
2800 Jupiter Drive
Fairfield, OH 45014
(513) 874-0006

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