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Re: [TowerTalk] telephone poles from the electric co.

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] telephone poles from the electric co.
From: "Bill Parry" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 10:40:59 -0500
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With a little effort I got my power company to give me a used 60+ footer.  I
hired a guy (they suggested) to come out and drill the hole. I stepped the
pole and drilled a couple of holes at the top.  I had a local metal working
firm fabricate a steel plate at the top that held the rotator and thrust
bearing and I stacked a couple of monobanders on the top.

I hated climbing the thing.  It was real big at the bottom and was hard to
climb - not to mention it waved around while I was on top.  I would take a
guyed 60 foot Rohn 25 tower anytime or a crank up. I suppose if you were
used to climbing those kind of towers or if you used a crane with a bucket
it might be ok - but not for me.

Bill W5VX

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When I was a kid I had a power pole, the guy at the electric company
got it for me and they dropped it into the hole I dug, with some help.
It was only 35 feet or so, but a great thing for a kid ham in 1960.

Here the local electric co-op will obtain and even set poles for members
I am told.  Never tried it.  You can bet the commercial power company here
(AEP) would not let you on the lot to pick up a scrap pole, let alone set 
the thing for you.  Insurance and security issues will come up fast.

I am told that the present approach for treating power poles when new does 
not lend itself to re-use.  W6XG, who worked years for the local co-op 
tells me that the creasote (spelling?) they put in the pole is somehow 
designed to work its way down to the bottom of the pole giving protection
to that portion in the earth, but none for the upper part of the pole.
He says if you cut one off after a few years and re-plant the thing it 
will rot like any wooden pole.  We have some short ones at the radio club
(about 20 feet) and they seem OK after about 5 years.  Time will tell.

I'd still like to have four 80 footers, one at each corner of my lot for
wire antennas.  I can dream, can't I??

Ralph Matheny
207 Gibbons Place
Marietta Ohio  45750


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