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[TowerTalk] utility poles for antenna supports

Subject: [TowerTalk] utility poles for antenna supports
From: Cal Zethmayr <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 12:03:28 -0400
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My very first antenna support as a Novice in 1954 was a 60' power pole. 
I got lucky, one of the members of the DuPage Amateur Radio Club worked for the 
power company that was replacing the poles in our neighborhood.    He let the 
crew use their rig to drill the hole and set the pole for me.  Actually they 
had laid the pole on the ground in my back yard and let me have the weekend to 
work on it.   I drilled in some 12" lag bolts altering their positions on the 
side of the pole. This became the way I climbed it. Course I was a healthy 
young 15 then!   

I had bolted a two foot piece of pipe at the top.  Then I put up a 20 element 
two meter beam, (Riverside 5 over 5's  two sets stacked side by side).
also used the pole to support an inverted V for 80/40.

Long after I had gone on to college etc.,  that pole was still there 15 years 
later, being used for a TV antenna!
Cal Zethmayr


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