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Subject: [TowerTalk] using power poles
From: "Rudy Severns" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 14:47:22 -0700
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I have used quite a few power poles at my QTH, up to 95' but they were a 
last resort.  I have a situation where the antennas are located on a very 
narrow ridge with no way to use guyed towers.  I have to use free standing 
structures.  I couldn't use free standing towers because there was no 
practical way to get the large amount of concrete needed for the bases up to 
the site.To the tops of the 95' poles I have attached another 80' or so of 
peeled tree from my property.  This gives me about 150' of support.  The 
only way I could install these creatures was with a crane.

Even when free the poles are not cheap as has been pointed out.  To work on 
mine I would never climb them.  I rent a bucket lift (at $250/day minimum) 
to work up to 60' or 70'.  To work higher I have to rent a crane with a 
man-basket ($250/hr + travel time).  Not cheap!  Even though I have been 
using poles I would not recommend them unless your situation allows you to 
control the costs which add up very quickly.  If you have local logging 
trucks for hauling and planting and you have a bucket truck available then 
you might consider it.  Otherwise, shop for a used tower.

73, Rudy N6LF 


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