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[TowerTalk] K7LXC-N0AX Beam Report/PRO 57B

Subject: [TowerTalk] K7LXC-N0AX Beam Report/PRO 57B
From: ABowenN4OO <>
Date: Wed, 03 Jun 2009 07:08:12 -0400
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I owned a PRO 67 B for about 3 years prior to the time that the Beam 
Antenna Report was published After digesting the report, I knew why I 
was less than competitive at 70' with the PRO 57B. There were even a 
few instances where I was outguned by a friend (now SK) with a good 
vertical installation on 17 and 15M.

Analysis of my contest scores showed serious deficiencies on 15 and 
10M. For the most part, I needed to do S&P on those bands to obtain 
any rate at all. On 20M, even a rotary dipole, which the PRO 57B was, 
is a fair antenna at 70'.

After reading the report, I ordered out a 5 band quad. The difference 
was immediately noticeable. When the SteppIRs came along, I replaced 
the quad and noted considerable improvement over the quad, which had 
all 5 elements  fed in parallel. The SteppIR had/has a much narrower 
frontal lobe.

The late LB Cebik had an article in Compendium 7 showing the problems 
with feeding 5 quad elements in parallel.

Sopchoppy, FL


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