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Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 10:34:15 -0400
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Dave K4JRB wrote:

> Don't know where you are but the array sounds just like what W2KW had up at
> what he called "radio hill" NY.  HE became a SK several years ago well into
> his 90's.   Also many Navy Reserves had a sterba array.  I use one in
> Jackson, MS during Hurricane Camille in 1969.  They had replaced the wooden
> poles with metal towers the year before.  Oh, we ran the State RACES net
> with our station as net control.  Really laid out a signal.
> I remember W2KW had the loudest signal my receiver ever heard on 20 back
> while I saw still a novice in 1957.   The main problem with the Sterba was
> it was bi-directional altho he had two complete arrays for 360 coverage.

The one near me is W1EVT.

Some claim he got funding from the government when he built it, because it
was useful for locating precise directions of foreign signals in the early Cold
War.  (I don't know; that's just what I read.)

Someone mentioned on an email list that they haven't heard from W1EVT yet
this year.  I don't know anything about him or his station other than the
few mostly anecdotal stories I've read.  His antenna may or may not have
been a Sterba curtain, the government may or may not have had an
interest in it, his feedline is claimed to be thousands of feet of open wire
that runs underneath the street, and his callsign might have changed over
the years.



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