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[TowerTalk] telephone poles from the electric co.

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Subject: [TowerTalk] telephone poles from the electric co.
From: Eric <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 23:23:10 -0400
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Thank you for the additional input, Yes I would definitely be really 
careful.  Safety is my main concern and all your suggestions would 
definitely be looked at.   I do like the idea of installing the step 
bolts along with a secure safety line to prevent me or anyone from 
falling.  I do have a secure up to date safety belt with a safety catch 
that I use when I climb my towers, It prevents you from falling and to 
come down you have to release it and slide it down the rope to get 
down.  Yes, It's very aggravating and makes coming down a lot slower but 
I am still here to talk about it so I must be doing something right.   I 
would definitely have someone install it for me, I would not want to 
take the chance of it getting away from me and coming down on someone or 

Believe me, I would not climb the thing unless I could do it safely and 
had the correct equipment.  I don't want anyone reading about someone 
falling off a pole and becoming a silent key.  It will be really 
interesting to watch them install the new pole and maybe then I could 
meet them and ask them about setting one for me if I paid them a little 

Thank you,


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