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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] US Tower motor belt
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 2009 08:58:14 EDT
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>  After about 12 years, the motor belt on my US Tower  MA-770MDP seems to 
loosened up. It's slipping intermittently. I can  see a few cracks in the
material, so it's time to replace the belt.  

I don't remember seeing any posts on this so  I'll take a run at it. 
    What's "a few cracks"? Little cracks I wouldn't  worry too much about. 
You can spray some automotive belt product on it and  it'll probably retard 
the cracking and eliminate the slipping. It'll probably  last for years like 
>  Has anyone done this? I haven't
taken the guard cage off  for a closer look yet, but I don't see a tension
    The tension adjustment is made by adjusting the  motor mounting bolts 
so you move the motor a little ways away from the other  pulley and it takes 
up some slack. Like I said, using some belt prep will  probably take care of 
it anyway. 
>  I'm wondering how to get the old belt off and a new belt on  with
the correct tension. Does anyone know? 
    Pull on the belt as you rotator the big pulley  and the belt will 
shortly come off of the pulley. To install, put the belt  around the small 
and push it on while you're turning the big pulley. Or  try putting it on 
the little pulley. Either way will work. 
>  Also, is this a standard automotive
part (alternator  belt, fan belt), or something I'd have to order from US
    I don't imagine that UST goes out of their way to  have a custom belt 
made. Take your to your auto supply store and they'll be  able to match it up 
for you. 
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