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Re: [TowerTalk] DAVIS RF response: Alternatives & Comscope SFX-500 data

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] DAVIS RF response: Alternatives & Comscope SFX-500 data vs. LMR & LDF4
From: John Kemker <>
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 2009 20:01:03 -0400
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Not only is Commscope *not* a new player in the coax game, they *own* 
Andrew, now.  They have merged their aluminum-based, smooth conductor 
hardline with the Andrew line, while they concentrate on mainly selling 
Heliax, as it's usually the better seller.

Joe Giacobello wrote:
> Steve, many thanks for your reply regarding the Commscope SFX-500.  
> Yours was the only reply that I received, and I have to conclude that 
> Commscope is a new player in the coax game and that there is not much 
> field experiment with it out there.  Frankly, I never heard of it 
> before, but someone was selling 400' lengths of it for a remarkably low 
> price., and it sounded like it fell into the realm of "too good to be 
> true."  My interest was piqued by my need to make an 800' run to feed an 
> 80/160M vertical.
> I gather from your description that Commscope is manufactured in China.  
> Based on my own experience with other types of Chinese Knock-offs, your 
> advice to be concerned about support, overall quality and longevity is 
> valid.
> Thanks for the loss data and your detailed and forthright views on the 
> quality and product support issues.
> 73, Joe
> K2XX
73 de W5NNH
10X 75371/M&M 117/SMIRK 6185/Six Club 285/TRA 2499/Norcross 228 F&AM

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