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Subject: [TowerTalk] Water saturated soil
From: "Ed Swiderski, KU4BP" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 10:09:34 -0400
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Hello all. Just joined the list last week and searching through the archives
for the last few months, I didn't see this subject covered so I though I'd
ask about it. 

I'm planning on my first tower and have a spot picked out. My question deals
with what effect will a water saturated ground or standing water have on my
base and anchors? What I have here is that during heavy rains a large water
runoff crosses my property in the area where I wish to install. After the
rain the water will "stand" until it either sinks into the ground or dries
up. So during this time of year there is some very wet soil in spots. The
summer is not so bad. There is a creek that runs at the back of my property
and is about 80 feet or so from my proposed location.

Earlier this year I started to dig a base for 25G. Got down about 3 1/2 feet
when and small underground stream started to trickle into the hole. When the
water mixed with the clay soil it became like digging peanut butter. So I
"belled" the hole and threw a bunch of rocks and gravel in the hole and
planted a short base section in the hole and let it set. The next day I went
back out to it and the water was 8 inches above the rock. I figured that
this would not work and I filled the hole back in. 

Was I correct in determining that it was not going to work or should I just
go ahead and not worry about it?




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