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To: "Ed Swiderski, KU4BP" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Water saturated soil
From: John Kemker <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 2009 10:19:47 -0400
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I'm going to do what others are probably going to suggest:

Contact a Professional Engineer and have him take a look at the 
property.  Sure, it will cost you money, but he'll be able to advise you 
how to properly install a tower without having it fall next time you get 
a gully-washer.  Be prepared for him to advise you to *not* install a 
tower at all.

OT:  Hmm...wonder if you're related to Mike and Susan?

Ed Swiderski, KU4BP wrote:
> Hello all. Just joined the list last week and searching through the archives
> for the last few months, I didn't see this subject covered so I though I'd
> ask about it. 
> I'm planning on my first tower and have a spot picked out. My question deals
> with what effect will a water saturated ground or standing water have on my
> base and anchors? What I have here is that during heavy rains a large water
> runoff crosses my property in the area where I wish to install. After the
> rain the water will "stand" until it either sinks into the ground or dries
> up. So during this time of year there is some very wet soil in spots. The
> summer is not so bad. There is a creek that runs at the back of my property
> and is about 80 feet or so from my proposed location.
> Earlier this year I started to dig a base for 25G. Got down about 3 1/2 feet
> when and small underground stream started to trickle into the hole. When the
> water mixed with the clay soil it became like digging peanut butter. So I
> "belled" the hole and threw a bunch of rocks and gravel in the hole and
> planted a short base section in the hole and let it set. The next day I went
> back out to it and the water was 8 inches above the rock. I figured that
> this would not work and I filled the hole back in. 
> Was I correct in determining that it was not going to work or should I just
> go ahead and not worry about it?
> Thanks,
> Ed KU4BP
73 de W5NNH
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