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[TowerTalk] antenneX New CDs being released

Subject: [TowerTalk] antenneX New CDs being released
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 17:06:32 EDT
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Steve     K7LXC
>  By June 15, 2009, the antenneX will be publishing a new version  of
each of the following popular semi-annual CD-ROMs:

- #20 of  antenneX on CD-ROM containing 1,610 articles (through June 
30, 2009)
-  #15 Double Pack CD of both of above CDs (2,410 articles) and save  

The Double Pack contains the new antenneX CD #20 (1,610  article)
and #10 of the LB Cebik, W4RNL (SK) CD-ROM (through December 2008)  
some 800 articles.

Price goes up in 7 days by June  15:
Because there is more content, the prices will increase for the  new
versions once released. However, if a reserved advance copy  is
purchased before release of the new CD-ROMs, orders will be accepted
at  the current price of the version 19 (antenneX CD)
and #14 (antenneX &  Cebik CD).

Again, although the order forms still show the existing  versions of 
the CDs, you will
receive the NEW versions #20 and #15 for  antenneX and the Double Pack
respectively, depending on which you order. The  Double Pack will still 
contain the
Cebik #10 CD as shown on the order  form.

For more info about each of the CD (before updates of info):

To place an order for the new  version, use the existing order form and
although it states the old version  numbers, the new versions will be
substituted and shipped when released after  mid-June 2009. For
those who have purchased earlier versions of each chosen,  the
discounted upgrade price applies and you should order that  one.

The order forms can be found on our own secure server  here:

For the antenneX and/or Double Pack  CDs:
...or  a shorter URL:
CAT# CD-001
or CAT# CD-002 (if  you own a previous version)

For the LB CD #10  only:
...or  a shorter URL:

or CAT#  LBCD-001U (if you own a previous version)

Also, if you are looking for a  special gift for yourself or a friend,
our Bookshelf section of the Shopping  Shack is an excellent source of
fine technical reading material, including  more than 30 books
by LB Cebik published by antenneX to date and some 30  others by
various  authors.

The Shopping Shack  contains apprx 100 choice items pertaining to
antennas and radio-related  products.

Hope to see you  soon!

All the best,
Rosetta (Rosie) Stone
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