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Re: [TowerTalk] Quick Disconnect Suggestion

To: Jerry <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Quick Disconnect Suggestion
From: jimlux <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 06:38:54 -0700
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Jerry wrote:
> What do you use for your rotator, antenna switch, etc. connectors at 
> your SPG boxes?  I like to disconnect my antenna feed lines and control 
> lines when thunderstorms approach, etc.  I've looking for ideas with 
> respect to SPG box connector and the line connector plugging into the 
> box.  Hope that makes sense!  I have use a mike connector and a Cinch 
> Jones, but these seem to have problems over time.  Thanks for your help.
> Jerry France
> K7LY

How much 'air gap' are you looking for?

For non-RF signals, what about bringing them all into a circular 
multipin connector. The plastic (or metal) ones resembling the familiar 
MIL type round connectors are inexpensive, and are available with 
bayonet coupling rings, so they're fast.  The pins (both M and F) are 
like the familiar crimp/solder Molex type (spend the $5-10 and get the 
little tool to insert/remove them easily!).  All the mail order vendors 
(Newark, Allied, Mouser, DigiKey) have them.

So, you'd have something like Plethora of cables: terminal strip/strain 
relief: wires to round connector:: round connector: strain relief: cable 
to load.

Remember to carry 110V type signals on a different connector than low 
level (rotator control) signals.

There are multi conductor coax connectors around, but not that carry 
100W power levels reliably.  BNC,UHF,N are probably your options there.

The other thing to think about is whether a few tenths of an inch is 
enough separation, in which case relays might be useful.  A SPDT contact 
for each wire that grounds the wire from outside when unpowered might be 
a good solution.


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