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Re: [TowerTalk] Quick Disconnect Suggestion

To: Dennis Vernacchia <>, Rob Katz <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Quick Disconnect Suggestion
From: Marvin Munster <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 2009 21:08:53 -0700
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Hello Dennis,
Nice to see you at the EARS meeting.

As for the company you are promoting here, I 
think I stock most of the things that this 
company has, but at a lower cost.  Most are 
listed on my web site, however in the very near 
future, I will be upgrading my site to include a 
lot more items.  Just an example, the fuses that 
they list, ATO automotive fuse are about 3 or 4 
times what I have them listed for.  I have a 
rotor pack that has the connectors known as 
Powerpole and are in various colors about the 
same price as the trailer connectors that you 
have to splice to your wire.  That makes for kind 
of a messy installation.  Any way, take a look.

Marvin - W6MJM

At 02:24 PM 6/12/2009, Dennis Vernacchia wrote:
>You can get 8 Pin Molded Rubber Connectors here
>Click on 
>Trailer Connectors  at top of page
>They are sold with several lengths of heavy gauge wire
>These were intended for auto trailer connectors but I have used them for
>years reliably for connecting up antenna rotator 
>cables  by coating the pins with Penetrox ( No-A-Lox  etc ) and then
>wrapping the closed connector with a couple 
>layers of Scotch 33 Plus Black electrical tape
>and a non UV tie-wrap as a final safety to 
>further cinch connector together and keep
>end of tape from ever unraveling though with 
>Scotch 33 Plus tape that seldom happens.
>If anyone has had poor results in wet or extreme 
>cold climates with this method,
>  let me know.....but in Southern CA area where 
> we have neither, they seem to work fine.
>73, Dennis N6KI
>On Thu, Jun 11, 2009 at 8:16 AM, Rob Katz 
><<>> wrote:
>I use trailer wiring connectors with good success.  I take two of the flat
>4-wire connectors and tape them tight together to make 8-wire connectors.
>They are waterproof and rugged, made to take the abuse of road grit and
>wear.  I use them on my rotor and switching control lines, and I¹ve had no
>problems.  Plus, the are readily available and cheap!
>   Rob KA1ARB
>Jerry wrote:
> > What do you use for your rotator, antenna switch, etc. connectors at
> > your SPG boxes?  I like to disconnect my antenna feed lines and control
> > lines when thunderstorms approach, etc.  I've looking for ideas with
> > respect to SPG box connector and the line connector plugging into the
> > box.  Hope that makes sense!  I have use a mike connector and a Cinch
> > Jones, but these seem to have problems over time.  Thanks for your help.
> > Jerry France
> > K7LY
>Rob Katz, Director
>Legacy Center, Inc.
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