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Re: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)
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Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 20:33:00 -0600
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No this is not a free standing support (view attached jpg). Three legs extend 
out from the first section to the ground.
Three turn buckles adjust the tension once anchored. My support is at present 
not extended, nested for the lack of
replacement pulley's (2 at the very bottom). I'm having better luck at finding 
hen's teeth than suitable replacement
pulley's.  Tashjian Towers Corporation is a joke for replacement parts. Rotor 
is Yaesu 1000, super thunderbird, and Hygain 3
element 40 meter.


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Subject: [TowerTalk] Need Help-Triex H 354 Tower (Not LM 354)

Thanks for reading this.  I have an old Triex H-354 tower that consists of 
three 20 foot steel welded sections that extend
up to 54 feet via a manual cable crank winch.  This tower was made by Triex 
Tower in Visalia, California many years ago
(Serial number 54003).  The tower is different from the LM 354 in that instead 
of having a "W" pattern on the sides it uses
flat bar welded to the tubing that lies horizontally when the tower is standing 
up. The tower probably weighs in the 350 to
450 pound range.  There is a single bolt lug at each of the three corners, and 
is obviously designed to be cranked over.
Can anyone tell me 1, Is The Tower OK for freestanding configuration? 2, What 
is the acceptable wind loading on this tower?
Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance from James N3ZS.


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