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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Shipping heliax
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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 2009 23:28:21 -0400
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jimlux wrote:
> Patrick Barkey wrote:
>> Does anyone have any experience with freight companies handling shipments of
>> heliax?  I have two 4 foot diameter coils of 7/8 inch heliax that need to
>> travel out here to Montana.  They weigh about 70 lbs. each.  UPS won't take
>> them, and Fed Ex wants an exhorbitant (> $1K) amount of money.
>> I think I need a trucking firm to do it.  Any experience out there?  Thanks.
> I've used Old Dominion Freight Lines and Yellow Freight in days gone by 
> for pallet sized things (e.g. a 19" rack on a pallet).. There's actually 
> a lot of companies that do "less than load" (LTL) shipping. A couple 
> things to think about: Do you have a forklift or other way to unload the 
> truck?
> For interstate trucking, the actual rates are regulated, so you'll pay 
> the same basic rate for the same freight regardless of company.  You'll 
> need to know the "class" of your freight (a number from 50 to several 
> hundred that defines what kind of stuff it is and how delicate it is.. 
> as I recall Class 55 is stuff like scrap iron.. I seem to remember 
> shipping surplus equipment racks with gear in them as class 100 or 120)
> (some googling turned up: 
> )
>   What really changes is ancillary services and convenience. Some 
> companies will deliver to anywhere. Some will only deliver to a loading 
> dock.
> Sometimes, you can get a better deal by picking up your freight at the 
> terminal.
> Call around.  If you know a business that ships this kind of stuff near 
> you ask who they use.
Don't forget to check the reputation of the company.
I received enough antennas to overload a 3/4 ton pickup (volume wise) 
via truck.  We loaded the shipment onto the truck, I went in and paid 
the bill. When I got home I was short 3 antennas. So apparently while I 
was paying the bill they were unloading. What they'd ever do with a 5L 
20 meter KLM  ( I've forgotten what the other two were as it was 30 
years ago).  They were all for HF and cost me a bunch "plus shipping".
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