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[TowerTalk] Anyone Familiar with Jet Brand Winches

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Anyone Familiar with Jet Brand Winches
From: Dennis Vernacchia <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 14:07:07 -0700
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Wonder if anyone has used Jet Brand hand Winches

Specifically the 2000N and 3000N models

They are typically specified for Horizontal Pull
but I called the Rep in Tennessee and I was given
some figures for Vertical Lift.

If you have used the Jet Product Winches, would appreciate knowing if you
also used
replaced either a Fulton or Dutton-Lainson ( DL )  with the Jet Brand Winch
and if the Jet Brand performed as well for vertical tower raising.

Also if anyone has used a Dutton-Lainson Model 3503 and experience with it.
( Yes I know about the Fulton 2550 )

I will be doing a vertical pull lift of approximately 1500 lBs.

Also what diameter wire rope did you use and how many LBs was it specified

Does anyone know the safety related anomalies  with the 3 brands mentioned
( other than common sense and manufacturers specified safety instructions )

I know the DL 3503 is a Brake type but what Brake holding issues are
associated  with
the Jet Brand compared to DL and Fulton

I am specifically wanting to use a winch that has a minimum of 17.5 to 1
gear ratio
in one of my applications and prfeibly closer to 20 to 1 gear ratio.

73, Dennis N6KI

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