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Re: [TowerTalk] Anyone Familiar with Jet Brand Winches

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Anyone Familiar with Jet Brand Winches
From: Kevin Normoyle <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2009 15:41:02 -0700
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 >Wonder if anyone has used Jet Brand hand Winches

oh man. I love this question! I use a Jet IWF-2000N hand winch that I 
bought as surplus relatively cheap
(its new price is $700+), on a HG-70HD crankup. 1/4" cable. I've never 
heard of anyone else using them, and was embarassed to admit my use 
because they're so overkill.. :)

It makes every other winch you've seen, look like a toy. I mean you 
can't picture what a beefy hand winch is like till you see this one. I 
think I could have gotten away with a IWF-1000N though. I've had no 
issues with the 2000N lowering or raising. Nice and smooth.

They do spec vertical loads, so maybe you're not looking at the full 
user's manual. (vertical load varies depending on the layer on the drum)

I have another IWF-1000N that's new/unused in the box, which is the next 
model down, that I was going to use for the lifting mechanism I have, 
but don't need anymore, that I'd sell, if you're looking for something 
like that.
$200 plus shipping.  (note a Dutton Lainson B2500 can be around $200 new)

Comparative experience for me:
I have a Dutton-Lainson B2500 on a smaller WT-51 crankup. I don't like 
the small drum size on that. Although for the lighter tower, the smaller 
ratio makes it go up faster.
I have a Fulton K1500 on my lifting mechanism.

I can email pictures if you like, or maybe a little vid segment? (heck I 
could post on youtube if you like)

I love the big drum on the Jet. I have HG-70HD crankup, and I only use 
one layer, so no wire rope crushing.
The handle is adjustable, so you can adjust to wide diameter low effort, 
or minimum diameter for speed.

You can look at the specs, but one drawback is the relatively low draw 
per turn, because of the high ratio.
The brake mechanism makes a clicking sound when you winch it, so I 
actually wear ear protectors when I winch it fast.

I throw a bit of tarp over it for weather protection when it rains, but 
so far seems good. The brake system is more advanced than say the more 
typical Fulton or Daimler. I only had that crankup up for two years, 
stored two years, and it's back up this year.

I got the IWF-2000N because I wanted to fit inside their spec for 
vertical, but now that I'm more experienced with crankups, I realize 
that model was a bit of overkill.

The 1000N  has a lower ratio, so has the benefit of more draw per turn 
(still, just 1" !)  but I've no experience with the 1000N on the 
crankup. My feeling is that the 1000N should be sufficient for a 72' 
crankup though.

Here are the 1000N specs (note the weight. These things are beefy!)

Cable Size     5/16"
Maximum Drum Capacity     98'
Number Of Layers On Drum     5
Vertical Lift Capacity On First Layer     1,653'
Vertical Lift Capacity On Last Layer     996 lbs.
Horizontal Pull Capacity On First Layer     10,000 lbs.
Length Taken Up Per Turn     1"
Gear Ratio     [12.2:1]
Hand Pull Required To Lift Load     22 lbs.
Handle Length     13-3/4"
Overall Dimensions     15-7/8" x 10-1/2" x 8-7/16" (L x W x H)
Net Weight     43 lbs.

I thought I was the only one in the world with Jet winches. I originally 
went with it because I had the HG-70HD in a remote location and I was 
worried about power failures, and heard all the stories people talking 
about wearing themselves out with the lighter duty fulton/DL winches.

If you don't have the manuals for the winches with all the specs, I can 
find them (pdf) and email.



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