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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] [Bulk] Questions about the HyGain HyTower theory of operation
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Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 19:16:37 -0500
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I have one of these HT's and it works great....especially on 80 & 40.
BUT.....I have 90, 70 foot radials.
There is a big, BIG  improvement with the required number of radials.

Right...the stinger is not connected at the top of the tower.
It is connected to the bottom plate via the wire.
This allows the full length of the wire and stinger to be 'resonant' on
The rest of the antenna acts like it is not there.
The 'stubs' are something that makes a 'resonance' for the other bands so
the RF seeks the most 'resonant' path outta there.

I've never tried a 60 meter stub.

I have a 3x3x3 cement base and last year I was damn glad I did it due to
90mph winds here that blew the shop roof off and ripped some gutters off
The HT did not fall.

Get the antenna in the will work a lot better.


Dave Harmon
Sperry, Ok.

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Subject: [Bulk] [TowerTalk] Questions about the HyGain HyTower theory of

Hello to the group.

I am considering making a homebrew HyGain HyTower.
My first questions is this:
The stinger at the top is not electrically connected to the top of the
tower? It is insulated and there is a wire that runs from the base to the
stinger. In the manual, it is called the "80 meter wire".

I am wondering why they did this instead of just electrically connecting the
bottom of the stinger direct to the top of the tower.
Does anyone know the answer?

Next question: Has anyone tried to make a 60 meter stub for this antenna?
Last question: Does one really need 3 x 3 x 3 ft of concrete to hold up a
tiltover 100 lb. tower and stinger such as this antenna? 

Vy 73, Dan K3ZXL

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