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[TowerTalk] HFTA data files

Subject: [TowerTalk] HFTA data files
From: Vytenis Sciucka <>
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 12:52:04 +0300
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Hello Guys,

I have found nice program HFTA on the ARRL Antenna book and relative
article bu G3TXQ in the latest QST, May. I got an idea to make some
calculations and evaluations of my QTH and antenna performance using
this program and Enhanced Elevation-Statistical Files provided Initially I assumed if
I take yt files for locations closest to my QTH, data should be very
similar to each other and I will be able to find numbers for me by
extrapolation. But after I moved data from closest locations to me
(OH, OK, SM and UA3 - <1000km) to Excel and draw it on the chart, I
found elevation angles are bit different for each location. USA
direction case you can find in
Basically, I have two questions. Are these files somehow usefull for
my LY location. And only if not, is there any way to modify,
extrapolate or whatever to make them useful.
Any idea how this data has been obtained?

Thank you very much


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