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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Lightning avoidance
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 09:14:57 EDT
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I lived in FL for 32 years before moving to central FL and had ever  
increasing sized towers starting with a 64 footer andc finally winding up with  
several 200 footers.  I used to dread the approaching summer and the  huge 
thiunderstorms it would bring.  The towers WILL get hit by  lighting.  The 
bigger the tower and the more there are the greater the  chance of a hit.
By following the rules that are in various books and the suggestions that  
have appeared on the reflector you can reduce the chances of the hit 
ENTERING  your home.  The three that were most effective for me were having a 
single  bulkhead where everything from the towers entered the station, 
 Polyphasers at the bulkhead to a GOOD ground, and disconnecting all wires  
enteringthe station from the bulkhead when I was not using the station.  By 
 doing all these last three I was able to stay damage free for the last 
several  years in FL even with three 200 footers.
I finally solved the problem for good when I moved to Hawaii where we have  
almost no thunderstorms.
Good luck with a very tough problem.
73 Bill KH7XS/K4XS
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