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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Insulators
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 17:35:40 -0400
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Have already cut the rod with a hacksaw with a new blade .. no  
degradation of performance from first cut to last.

I tested the first 6+" length by stressing it with the lower tower  
section and the tower base.  Very strong stuff.

I agree that some kind of lacquer needs to be put on the insulator to  
protect it from the 'weather demons' even though less than 1/4" is  
exposed to the elements.

I'll let you know next Summer how it's holding up.


Quoting jimlux <>:

> wrote:
>> FYI:
>> I discovered a new source for insulator material that I will be using
>> on my 80m tower verticals.
>> At the local 'feed store', I found 1+1/4" fiberglass ROD with a few
>> small pre-drilled holes ... it's designed to be used as an electric
>> fence post.  The rod is VERY STRONG and should hold up quite well.
>> The cost for a 6' rod is about $6 .... quite inexpensive.  Cutting it
>> into 6+" lengths is quite easy.
> I used to use a lot of structural fiberglass in various forms. Whatever
> you cut or drill with will get dull very quickly when working with glass
> composites.. The glass is quite hard (harder than the steel in your
> cutting blades).
> If you have a diamond grit blade that works real well (like a tile saw).
>   A carbide toothed blade works fairly well, too. An abrasive cutter
> also works, but is messy, melts the plastic matrix, and makes dust to
> boot (which as was pointed out, is nasty stuff).
> Don't contemplate taking a 6 foot rod and hacking it into 6"
> insulators.. the rod might be cheap, but the sharpening costs or new
> blades won't be.
> I haven't tried it, but cutting it with a shear, axe, or tree branch
> loppers might actually be a better strategy, since it would tend to
> "cleave" the glass fibers, and it's easier to sharpen the blade when it
> gets dull.
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