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Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 13:56:15 +0000
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normally it is only necessary to check tension in one of the 3 guys on each
level, you can not control the tension in each guy separately since they
have to balance out at the point where they are all connected.  

If the guy wires come off the tower at different angles then yes, the
tensions will be different in them.  The ones closer to the tower base will
have higher tensions than the ones farther out.

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> OOPS forgot to say.   Tower is Rohn 25 and the guys are space 120 degrees
> apart.
> On my tower I have one guy  pointing North and two pointing south.  The
> two south I had to set to 27 = 500 lbs and the N guy set to 24 = 400 lbs
> to get it stright with the level.  Wonder if it has somthing to do with
> the North guy is over 100 feet and the South two are around 60 feet?
> Using 1/4 EHS, this is the bottom set of guys.
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