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Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 13:32:16 -0700
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I agree the only way to "FLY" 

73, David Stein  KE6ENI


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> Date: Sun, 11 Oct 2009 21:12:02 -0500
> Subject: [TowerTalk] man lifts
> I paid 500 for the weekend with delivery and pick up. They weigh 38,000 
> pounds ready to go. If you do a lttle math with a load linit of 500 pounds 
> and a boom of 125 feet you can figure how much it needs to weigh to prevent a 
> tip over. I wore and would tell anyone who goes that high in a bucket that a 
> safty harness with a fall arrester is maditory. They do bounce and it FEELS 
> better to know you can't fall to your death. I was told and believe a new one 
> is in 475K range. If you calculate that need t rent that thing a LOT to make 
> any money. The ability to work all day and go up and down towers to do your 
> work or new install is worth the money to me. My legs were still fresh after 
> all the work. If they don't pick it up early I may try to do some more unless 
> it is snowing like they say it will.
> Gregg K9KL
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