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[TowerTalk] electrocutions

Subject: [TowerTalk] electrocutions
From: John Lyles <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 23:09:26 -0600
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I agree with all your points except for CPR and having a bystander to 
call 911. When you contact 13.2 kV distribution line, chances for 
survival are very slim. CPR isn't the issue, it is destruction of the 
internal organs and tissues in whatever portion of the body that carried 
the current. Basically being toasted.

But having safety concerns, training (not likely for hams), and 
recognition of the hazards could have prevented it. As someone 
suggested, you should always assume your pole WILL fall on the power 
line, so that it must be set far enough away that it won't. Wind, 
balance, center of gravity, all unpredictable to the inexperienced and 
even experienced. Working after dark near power line, is very risky.
I am amazed our Rural Co-op linemen do that, i watched them this summer, 
during storm damage (trees) on my own 7200 Volt distribution line. They 
worked with very bright spotlights on their truck.


> U/G high-voltage utilities have their own latent dangers.  In this case, 
> it's clearly an issue of safety, training, awareness, having a trained 
> 3rd-party bystander available for emergency dispatch, CPR, and recognition 
> of their own safety.  More than likely, it's also a situation where a paid 
> professional should have been engaged if three people lost their lives 
> during the same event.
> Paul, W9AC


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