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[TowerTalk] LM354HDSP Rotor Mounting Location

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Subject: [TowerTalk] LM354HDSP Rotor Mounting Location
From: "Michael Hofe, AI3H" <>
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Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 17:55:36 -0400
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I have an LM354HDSP that was manufactured by Tri-Ex (prior to Tash Towers).  I 
am installing a Prosistal PST-51 rotor in the tower (yes it fits) and was 
wondering what depth the rotor should be nested inside the tower?  I will have 
a thrust bearing on the top of the tower and have a 20' Chrome Moly mast.  
Although I can't confirm it, I have seen references to 4' or 5' down from the 
thrust bearing, but I wanted to get everyone's opinion based on actual use or 
personal knowlege.  I bought the LM354HDSP new about 8 years ago and am ready 
to install the rotor, mast and antenna load.  The antennas will consist of 18 
ft2 of antennas with 9.5 ft2 of the load on the thrust bearing and 8.5 ft2 
located about 12' above the thrust bearing. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Mike Hofe, AI3H

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