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Re: [TowerTalk] th6dx manual

To: "Jim Hargrave" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] th6dx manual
From: Chris Pedder <>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 20:23:34 +0000
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The manual that has been put up on the HyGain site is labelled 
TH6-DXX.pdf but when you open it you will see that it's headed TH6-DX 
Thunderbird, so things are not quite what they seem. With the change 
of ownership I suspect there's nobody there who knows the detailed 
history of these antennas.

HyGain replaced the 'TH6-DX Thunderbird' with the 'TH6-DXX Super 
Thunderbird'. The main change was the mast to boom bracket. The DXX 
is the antenna I have; it came with, and its manual shows, the cast 
aluminium boom bracket, just the same as on the TH7. I seem to recall 
that the 204BA experienced a similar change to its boom to mast 
bracket but I'd have to dig out my old HyGain catalogues to check.

My comment about the posted manual was on the basis that they 
probably sold many more DXX than they did DX and, in any event, being 
the newer of the two (even if it is almost 40 years old!) there would 
be more of them about.

How many of today's antennas, expensive as they are, will still be 
about in 40 years. I'll wager not many.

Chris G3VBL

At 19:17 15/10/2009, Jim W5IFP wrote:
>Perhaps you are referring to the TH7-DXX boom bracket. The TH7-DX uses a
>side saddle bracket and perhaps that bracket may have been furnished in the
>kit to convert the TH6-DX to a seven element antenna. The TH7-DX manual
>refers to the TH7-DX as the Super Thunderbird.
>I acquired the TH6 and TH7 PDF manuals from the HyGain site several years
>ago. Please note that the manual was titled TH6-DXX.PDF. So perhaps HyGain
>never actually updated the manual. I also have the TH7-DXX manual if anyone
>is interested. It is titled TH7-DXX.PDF, but same as the TH6 manual it only
>shows TH7-DX in the manual title.
>Confusing...Yes. However its a great antenna. I have had mine for about 25
>years and it was a freebie after a tornado took it down along with the
>tower. I re-built it and have enjoyed its great performance since day one. I
>replaced all the trap caps again about 13 years ago.
>    * 73's Jim W5IFP *


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