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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 07:41:24 -0700
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I can tell you from first hand experiance they are great and work well, and you 
can send your data up to weather underground and CWOP etc...


BUT, they don't work well in a high RF environment, even if you use it 
wireless, the anemometer and rain gauge still have to be wired to the main 
sensor unit. un less you can locate them quite far from your antennas you will 
wipe it out even at 100 watts, at least this has been my experience and that of 
a friend of mine, he has since purchased a Davis which is RF proof, if there is 
such a thing. but in any case it works well for him at leagal limit rf output 
in close proximity to the antennas

73, David Stein    KE6ENI





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> Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 10:58:11 -0200
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> Subject: [TowerTalk] Weather station
> Hello,
> I want to buy a cheap weather station, with sensors outside, NOT to get
> information from Internet, just the local weather conditions.
> I did a search and seems La Crosse Technology is good and have plenty of
> models.
> Unfortunately I asked La Crosse Technology buy is incredible how they answer
> what they want and no what you ask.
> I want a cheap model for:
> outside temperature
> outside humidity
> wind direction and speed
> record max and min
> rain data
> etc
> so the basic things.
> If someone can recomend me one of the La Crosse models or another brand is
> much apreciated.
> 73,
> Jorge
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