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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Weather station
From: John Kuklewicz N7ZN <>
Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 09:20:26 -0700
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I have a LaCrosse WS-1510-IT marketed by 'The Weather Channel'
Purchased at WalMart for about $90
Does all that you ask. Has a few peculiarities, like displaying the wind 
speed in Beaufort scale in center of the compass rose.

Also displays wind speed in mph or km/hr, temp in C or F.
Does have wind gust capability. Updates relatively quickly.
Rainfall, etc.

The units from Davis are lots better, but are also much more expensive.

This is the second LaCrosse unit I have installed. The wireless distance 
claimed in their literature is rather optimistic. Expect only 1/2 to 1/3 
the claimed distance.

The LaCrosse web site has available for download all of their manuals.
The LaCrosse web site has all their products, but you can usually find 
the same products sold at a considerable discount.

73; John N7ZN

>> Hello,
>> I want to buy a cheap weather station, with sensors outside, NOT to get
>> information from Internet, just the local weather conditions.
>> I did a search and seems La Crosse Technology is good and have plenty of
>> models.
>> Unfortunately I asked La Crosse Technology buy is incredible how they answer
>> what they want and no what you ask.
>> I want a cheap model for:
>> outside temperature
>> outside humidity
>> wind direction and speed
>> record max and min
>> rain data
>> etc
>> so the basic things.
>> If someone can recomend me one of the La Crosse models or another brand is
>> much apreciated.
>> 73,
>> Jorge
>> CX6VM
>> _______________________________________________

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