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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Weather stations
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Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 12:11:01 -0500
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WO0W wrote:
> I have no experience with the La Crosse weather instruments.  I used 
> Peet Brothers instruments for several years, but each of two anemometers 
> failed after only a couple years.  I replaced them with a Davis weather 
> station.  It has functioned without failure and the software stores data 
> conveniently. 
>  73, WOØW
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Great topic!!

Interesting about the weather station and the legal limit QRO.  I run some of 
my ladderline (feed to my Cobra Sr) within 10' of my station and it has never 
effected it. Perhaps that is enough distance to attenuate the effect on the 
wireless connection between my station on the tower and the readout here on 
my bench.  The DSL modem is about 8" from the SB220 and will be rebooted 
regularly but it never effects the Davis monitor.

I fully agree with the accuracy comments.  I also have had a Vantage Pro 2 
for about 3 yrs now.  I have replaced the reed switch twice (measures 
rainfall), and buy batteries by the box full.  Does anyone get more than 4 
months from a battery on the station (lives behind the solar panel) ?

My last change out was 5/31 and I am now being told that I have a "low 
battery on station 1" .  sigh.  so, time to get back up the tower as this 
battery will not last much longer.  these are Lithium CR123As and the brand 
seems to have little to do with their longevity.   I am considering hooking 
up a 3V wall wart and feeding the station which is about 25' up the tower and 
see how that would work.
I am getting too old to be getting out a ladder to get on the roof, then 
pulling the side mast down which supports the station and the anemometer.

oh, to the original question... I have had all teh cheap little stations, 
etc.  you REALLY get what you pay  for.  The LaCrosse and some of the Oregons 
are trash.  Davis has an inexpensive (compared to my $800 Pro2) station that 
sells for about $400.  You might want to go look at that one which is what 
you will eventually end up buying after wasting money buying the trash and 
replacing it every year or less for 3 or 4 yrs until the light goes on and 
realization comes that "I could have had a Davis for what I have paid....".

Thanks for allowing the subject.  very Emcomm-ish <G>.

chas / k5dam

--   k5dam  Houston, TX

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